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A mermaid love story( 1/3)


                                                                              jaejoong POV:

i've always loved the little mermaid story, i'd beg my mother to read it to me and i'll carry the book with me whenever i go.

thought i don't understand her way of love, to sacrifice herself without the one she loves knows or even confess her love! she just disappeared without holding a grudge toward him or his loved one, in fact she was wishing them happiness.

my umma used to laugh at me and say that i'm just a kid "once you'll find the one for you you'll understand! baby it's love!"

how i'm supposed to find my loved one if i'm not allowed to go beyond the village?!

i know it's for my own safety, but i'm really curious to know the one who my own birth brought him misfortune!!
one day, i sneaked out to the city; i know it's dangerous but as long i'm careful i won't get caught! it seems that the Jang's family are well known in the city, they're like celebrities; especially Jang Ynho; the young heir!!
they wouldn't stop praising him, being the perfect man anyone would dream about!!
in fact, they didn't exaggerate since the man looked like a Greek god; and he was so nice to everyone unlike his old man.
from that day, i would always sneak out and go to stalk watch him in his daily life from afar, it gives me happiness just being able to see him.
one day, i saw him with a pretty lady, chatting happily like he always do!
i heard some people say that she was his fiance even if it wasn't official yet! but they are at the age of marriage, it won't take long before the weeding! they would talk about how good they looked together, how pretty their kids would be!!
and how unfortunate that the curse is still there to rob their happiness!!!
i felt that pain in my heart that made me unable to even breath, i needed to get the hell out of there, far away!!
i ran along the road, his smiling face hunting me, i'll be the cause of his misery, i'll be hated; that's all i could think about!!
that was the last time i went to the city!

A mermaid love story( introduction)

once upon a time, there was a beautiful  witch who fall in love with a city boy, she was so pure and innocent and the boy took advantage of her, then fled back to the city ; he broke her heart but she could met a handsome farmer who loved her so much, they got married and had a daughter, and finally she could reach her happiness and forgot her broken heart ; but a serie of mysterious murders occurred in the city, and some said it’s a witch doing, so the man who broke her heart once came again to take her happiness away this time ! they killed her beloved husband and was about to burn her when she put a curse on that man and his grandchildren- the jung family-to always loose the one he’ll love just to understand what she felt while watching her beloved die in front of her eyes!

after that, they caught the real culprit and her innocence was proven!

they tried to forget the happening, but once the jung's men got married and their wives give birth, they'll die leaving the man and the new born alone!

the curse took place, making the jungs family widows, drowning in their sorrows and regret.

the only way to break the curse is to kill the kims who brought it

but that wasn't a way, since the villagers thought the only way to ease their guilty feelings is to secure the child's safety!!

therefor, the kims family couldn't leave the village scared of the jangs!


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